Copperleaf Restaurant Goa

The Copperleaf Story…

Our mission at Copperleaf Fine Dining Restaurant with Bar is – to celebrate the bounty of flavours as family and friends gather to share a good time over a great meal. We promise to entertain you with a feast not only for your eyes, but your taste buds as well.

Our stewards are trained to guide you through a choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian options and the various levels of spices, while our kitchens blend rich culinary instincts seamlessly to dish out a one-of-a-kind dining experience for you, every time!

The team at Copperleaf give it their best to serve perfection at your table every time your order comes in. So that each of our preparations in Goan & Indian cuisine becomes an experience for you to cherish.

Come join us as we begin a new chapter in this great story of memories made over food and drink!


Relish the famous Copperleaf Fish (Nuste) Thali and enjoy traditional Goan food. Come and experience a truly five star experience.