Souza Lobo

Experience the best food destination in calangute.

Atmosphere is such an important for sale adjunct to a great meal. Souza Lobo is a large, airy, well laid out restaurant, with an un-fussy rustic charm. Tables with red tablecloths and rattan woven benches, woven lacquered coconut matting below the Mangalore tiled roof. It has to be un-fussy because the beach around us provides unbeatable décor. Calangute is the Queen of all beaches of Goa.

Add to that a delicious meal, attentive bearers, the sound of the waves breaking on the beach and the song of the wind. What you have is simply bliss.This is what powers us on decade after decade, serving you the freshest, most delicious fare this side of Paradise. We know that brings you here.

It’s beautiful in the day time with the sunshine and the sand and the blue sea. But at night when we put tables with the candles out on the beach under the star-spangled sky, it’s a whole new amazing and precious experience with live music so infectious that our guests dance the night away before and after their meal. Some dance to remember the good times, some dance to forget the present with all its worry and tensions.